Defrag Windows 10

How to defrag Windows 10
Over time, the files on your hard drive become fragmented and your desktop or laptop slows down because you have to search for multiple items on your device. To make your computer work more efficiently, use the default Windows tool to defrag files. Here is how and when you have to do it.

Windows 10, like Windows 8 and Windows 7 above, automatically defragments the files on time (by default, once a week). However, it is not always executed constantly. Many people used the famous this best guide for defragmentation of your windows system. Therefore, if it takes longer to load the files, or if you just want to check each month, check the level of fragmentation of the unit in Windows.

Defrag Windows 10

Note on SSDs: SSDs work differently than conventional mechanical hard drives. In general, SSDs do not need to be defragmented, which can damage the unit. However, Windows performs SSD defragmentation once a month if necessary and if you have enabled System Restore. This is not a problem because automatic defragmentation is meant to extend the life and performance of your device.

Then, with an SSD, let Windows do it and do not worry about defragmentation. You can use the Optimize Unit tool below to perform a general optimization of the unit, including sending TRIM commands to optimize performance. This does not do the traditional defragmentation in SSD. For your mechanical unit, follow these steps to defrag your drive in Windows 10.

How to defragment your hard drive under Windows 10

  1. Open the disk optimization tool looking for “optimize” or “defragment” in the taskbar. optimize the search of windows102. Select your hard drive and click on Analysis. Note that if you have an SSD, this option is grayed out and unavailable.
    Windows 103 scan. Check the percentage of fragmented files in the results.

Results of defragmentation
There are no strict rules about the fragmentation of the unit before defragmenting it. You may want to keep a fragmentation percentage of less than 5% or more so that the defragmentation process is not too long.

  1. If you want to defragment your player, click Optimize. It is better to do this when you do not need to use your computer for anything else. You can let Windows effectively defrag the drive.
    windows10 optimists At the end of Windows, your unit should indicate that 0% is fragmented in the Optimize Drives utility.

Credits: Hows.Tech

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